Which Swegway?

Welcome to Swegway Shop, the official shop for Swegways in UK & Ireland. We specialise in motorised electric transportation devices, these range from self-balancing Swegway hoverboards to electric skate boards.

Here in Sheffield in the heart of South Yorkshire we research and develop new and innovative products before releasing to the market. Our goal is to create new and exciting ways to travel, while offering the customer low cost, yet great quality products. All of our products are tested here in the UK and have very strict and approved safety standards.

We know it can be very confusing choosing a Swegway, especially if it is not for you so we have created the below chart to provide as much information as possible about the Swegways to you can choose with one you would like!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01142726746.

 Model Swegway Classic Swegway Plus Monster Swegway Swegway Pro
Wheel Size 6.5” 8” 10” 6.5”
Top Speed  10 kph 10kph 15kph 15kph
Battery Range 12 Miles 12 Miles 20 Miles 20 Miles
Charge time 3 hours 3 hours 2 Hours 3 Hours
Response Rate 100 times per second 100 times per second 100 times per second 200 times per


Bluetooth Speakers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery Samsung Samsung Samsung Samsung
Technology Version V2 V2 V2 V3
LED Lights Yes Yes Yes Yes
Weight 10kg 11kg 13.5kg 10kg