Where to ride Swegways

The best place to ride a Swegway would be a specially designed Swegway Park. This is a park that is made for these boards, giving children a safe space to ride their boards. The  6.5” Classic and Disco Swegways are best for indoor use on very flat smooth surfaces,  while the 8” board is more suited for use outdoors and on more uneven surfaces, as it has much larger wheels and are more durable.

At home, Swegways are best used on flat surfaces, with a lot of objects or walls around that can create a stable place for a rider in case they lose balance. Our Swegways are not designed for extreme steep uphill climbs or for riding in the rain or through puddles, as this will permanently damage the board.

DO NOT ride Swegways on public footpaths or roads, as this is illegal under the 1835 Highways Act, and could leave to you being fined if you were caught doing it.