What is a Swegway?

A Swegway or Hoverboard is an electronic, 2 wheel, self-balancing scooter. Most people think that a ‘Swegway’ is a brand or the ‘original’ type of this device, however ‘Swegway’ is actually the name of the device: like how an iPhone is a type of SmartPhone but the iPhone is not ‘the’ SmartPhone.

Swegways can be ridden by children and adults of all ages, provided they fit within the weight maximum and minimum. The board consists of two motorized wheels that are connected to two footpads, where the rider places their feet when riding the board.

Every board has Bluetooth built in, meaning the rider can connect to it with the device of their choice and play their favourite music out loud whilst using it! The boards use lithium ion batteries, all of which have been through rigourous testing against European and United Kingdom safety requirements, and been approved for CE and RoHS certification.

There are a variety of different swegway types, from the 6.5″ Classic Swegway, our oldest model, to the 8″ Pro Swegway, with bigger wheels to take on tougher terrain!

Our newest board model, the 6.5″ Disco Swegway, was released in 2019 and features awesome LED party lights over the wheel arches, as well as on the front of the board!