Samsung Battery

We are proud to be a supplier of Swegways which are powered by the highest quality 36V lithium ion batteries, from South Korean tech giant Samsung! These batteries are perfect for Swegways, powering them up to speeds of 10-15kph, and providing up to 3 hours of battery life from full charge (depending on the terrain and speed that you ride on.)

Samsung produces the most secure, dependable batteries on the market, so you can rest assured while riding your Swegway that you are in safe hands!

PLEASE NOTE that some of our newer Swegway models, including the Disco Swegways, contain different models of battery, in order to provide a more affordable product for our customers. These batteries are perfectly safe, but if you have any concerns, please contact us using the following:

We have a Live Chat function on this site, just click ‘Contact Us’ on the homepage and scroll to the bottom of the page (you can also fill out the query form if your question is not urgent).

Call us on: 0114 272 1136 (UK Landline)


PLEASE NOTE: When you receive your Swegway, we recommend that you give it a full overnight charge. This will ensure that the Swegway performs at an optimal level.