Safety Standards

Here at the Swegway Shop, the safety of our products and customers is the most important aspect of what we do, which is why we ensure that all of our products go through rigorous health and safety testing during every stage of the manufacturing process. The boards are tested during the manufacturing of each component of the board: battery, wheels, motherboards etc. It is then tested again by our manufacturing factory upon completion of the boards to ensure that the boards are created to the highest standard. The board is then passed on to an external third-party testing company that we hire as an extra step to ensure everything is checked thoroughly so that all of our boards are excelling in compliancy with the safety documentation.

We have the most rigorous testing of Swegway Hover Boards in the UK!

With hundreds of pages of test reports and certificates to prove the integrity of our products. All Swegway Shop Products are inspected and verified by UKAS Accredited Laboratory in conjunction with our Swegway Factory and designated Tech Repair Center.

Certified RoHS Compliant
Certified CE Compliant
Certified TUV Tested and Compliant
HTT Tested
ASTA Diamond Mark Tested

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