Safety Information

See our safety conformity documents below.

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The Swegway Shop self-balancing scooter is recommended for use by adults aged 18 and over, and may not be suitable for younger persons. Adult supervision is recommended at all times for anyone under 18.

Appropriate safety equipment, such as helmets and elbow and knee protectors, must be worn when using the Swegway Shop. Shoes must be worn at all times.

The Swegway will only start to move once you are standing on the board. You should board the swegway carefully whilst holding onto a stable surface or handle for support.

The Swegway is designed for recreational use. You should not ride your Swegway on public footpaths or roads. It can be used indoors and outdoors on private land.

The Swegway is designed to be used on flat surfaces, please avoid using the board on uneven surfaces to protect yourself and the device.

The Swegway is capable of speeds up to 12km/h. Please note that the maximum speed will depend on users weight and the surface of the ground the device is used on. Heavier riders may cause the Swegway to move more slowly.

To ensure safety, users should weigh a minimum of 40kg and no more than 100kg. Users who fall outside of this weight bracket risk their safety and may cause damage to the Swegway. Users under 40kg may cause the gyroscopes in the HyperDrive to work improperly, causing the device to become unbalanced.