Riding your Swegway

The first step in your swegway adventure is learning how to mount and ride our Swegways. This may take some time and practice to learn, but remember that everybody has to start somewhere!

To get on the board, place one foot on one of the footpads and ensure that you’re completely comfortable and prepared before placing your second foot on the other footpad. When riding the Swegway for the first time, we recommend using a wall or object to balance on – an office chair with wheels would be ideal, as you could use it to keep yourself upright while practising travelling!

To move the board, lean forward slightly to go forward, and lean slightly backwards to go backwards. When turning around corners or bends, all you need to do is lean slightly towards the way you to go and the board will take you there. The board can be ridden ride both outside and inside, on different terrains depending on the board type. In order to prevent damage to your swegway, avoid puddles, riding your Swegway in the rain and riding up very steep gradients.

To dismount the Swegway, slowly take one foot off the board and then the other, one at a time. If you just jump off the swegway, the board might think there is still a rider onboard and will keep moving.