Repairs on other Swegways

Here at Swegway Shop, we know accidents do happen, and that’s why our Specialist Swegway Repair Technicians are here to help! Whether you have chipped the outer-shell whilst off-roading on a board, punctured a wheel, having bluetooth issues, or if your board is just looking a bit sorry for itself and could do with an MOT, Swegway Shop offer a huge range of options to get your swegway repaired in our Sheffield based Repair Centre.

We are proud to only use genuine, safe and certified, swegway parts from our manufacturer, which are better quality than generic replacement parts you can buy online. However, as a result of this, repairs will occasionally take considerably longer as we may have to order parts in from the manufacturer. In these circumstances, we will always inform you of the delay and see how you wish to proceed.

If your board has not been bought from us directly, this can also cause a longer repair time as the Swegway design may differ from one of our own. We will try our very best to repair your board for you, however if we deem an external board to be unsafe to tamper with, we will have to send the board back to you.

Here is a list of issues that our Swegway Specialists can fix:

  • Cosmetically Damaged Board Shells
  • Bluetooth Issues
  • Wheel Damage
  • Full Swegway MOT
  • Syncing Issues
  • Water Damage

If you would like to book in your Swegway for a repair, please click HERE!