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Why choose us for your repair?

All our repairs are guaranteed for 3 months from the return date (3 times longer than any other service we have seen) and unlike other services, we are able to give an accurate quote most of the time without you spending a penny!

We have a dedicated repair centre at our premises in which most, if not all problems that occur to swegways can be diagnosed and repaired using custom-built testing rigs. Our technicians can draw from a wide range of experience in the electronic repair industry to help diagnose and repair your board.

We can repair all types of swegways, even if you did not purchase it from us we will still be able to help you.


Please read the important information and fill in the form below if you wish to receive a quote. In most circumstances, we will be in touch within 48 hours.

Once we have been back in touch with a quote and you have accepted, we will arrange a collection. For out of warranty / external repairs, a collection/ delivery fee of £20 will be applicable.


Important Information:

Due to a lack of available parts, we are currently only able to replace the casing of your swegway with used shells and therefore they will most likely be scratched. For this reason, we only recommend getting casing replacement if yours is cracked and causing issue with the swegway operation. With this repair, we offer a 66% discount on a full silicone cover (£10 instead of £29.99). We are awaiting a shipment of new casing parts however, we are unable to say when they will arrive.

Due to the difference in chassis dimensions between manufacturers, we are only able to carry out casing repair on swegways that have been purchased from us.

Because we only use genuine, safe parts from our manufacturer and not just generic replacement parts you can buy offline, occasionally issues with the supply chain will cause repairs to take considerably longer. In these circumstances, we will inform the customer of the delay and see how they wish to proceed. In some instances, a discount may be offered on the repair price.

For Out of warranty/ external repairs:

A diagnosis fee of £20 will be charged if the customer chooses to not go ahead with the repair after diagnosis. If the customer chooses to go ahead with the repair then this fee will be waivered. If after diagnosis, the actual cost exceeds 10% of the estimated quote price, we will contact the customer again to see if they want to go ahead with the repair.

Simply fill in and submit the repair quote request and our technician will get back to you asap (usually within 48 hours).

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