Our safety documents

See our safety conformity documents below.

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HTT Certifice of Complaince Report1

HTT Certifice of Complaince Report2

HTT EC RED Certificate

HTT ROHS Certificate of Compliance

Intertek License

Asta Diamond Mark Fused Plug

HTT Certificiations

PONY Testing International Group Lithium Battery

Test Report

Test Report2

Test Report 3

Material Safety Data Sheet

EST Energy Efficiency Regulations

EST Energy Efficiency Regulations

EMC Test Report of EN 62479

EMC Test Report of ETSI EN

IEC CV Test Certificate

Certificate of Conformity

TUV Attestation of Conformity

HTT Test Report

HTT Test Report Testing Lab Signitures

HTT Test Report Safety of Machinery

HTT Test Report Health and Safety

HTT Test Report

Intertek Approved Components Cords Report1

Intertek Approved Components Cords Report 1

Intertek ASTA Licence

HTT ROHS Consolidated Test Report 2

HTT ROHS Consolidated Test Report 2

HTT Test Certification