Deposit System

There we two ways to pay for your Swegway

  1. Pay 100% of your balance and have your item delivered next working day*
  2. Pay a 30% deposit to secure your chosen board – Payment & delivery can be made during December


We have listened to what our customers want! You are now able to pay a deposit to secure your Swegway for Christmas, but paying only a fraction of the cost upfront! You can then have the item delivered during December ready for Christmas!

So here is a run down of how does the Deposit System works

Pay 30% deposit for your Swegway and pay the rest as late as December 19th and still GUARANTEE delivery before Christmas!

  1. Order your Swegway Hover-board and select deposit payment
  2. Pay 30% deposit to secure your board, we will then reserve the board for you until payment is made
  3. You are sent a PayPal request for you to pay the remaining 70% when you would like
  4. You pay the remaining 70% of the balance between 1st to 19th December
  5. Have your board delivered 24 hours after paying the remaining balance

These items are large bulky items and can be hard to hide so we can deliver the item in December so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of hiding it for months!