How to be safe using your Swegway

When riding a Swegway, we strongly recommend that you wear full safety gear such as knee protectors, elbow protectors and a helmet. You could also wear multiple layers to cushion your body in case you fall off your board, as well as wearing a high-vis jacket.

Location is also an important factor to consider when riding a Swegway. In order to minimise the risk of injury, ensure you’ve checked for any obstructions or dangers, and whether your riding location is near a road before riding the board.

To safely board and dismount the Swegway, carefully use one foot at a time slowly and make sure there is something nearby that can easily be used as support in case of a loss of balance. Please also ensure the rider is within the weight limits of 30-200kg.

We recommend that all board users under the age of eight are supervised by an adult, and that children under the age of four do not use the hoverboards.

Please remember that these are electrically powered vehicles and as such, should be used by and under the supervision of responsable persons only.

Safety Checklist:
– Helmet
– Protective Knee Pads
– Protective Elbow Pads