Grading System Explained

What are Refurbished Swegways?

Refurbished Swegways, or refurb Swegways, are boards that have previously been owned or used, and have been returned to us.

Each board is restored to a point where they should work as well as a brand new model, but some may have differing levels of cosmetic damage to the outer shell of the Swegway, or replacement internal parts.

Why should I buy one?

We understand that for some customers, full-priced Swegways can have a daunting price tag, so we’re always trying to come up with ways to spread the Swegway fun to everyone!

As well as our various payment methods, which help people to spread the cost of a Swegway, we’ve decided to offer some of our refurbished Swegways at a discounted rate.

How does the grading system work?

Here at Swegway Shop, we use a three tiered grading system in order to categorise our refurbished Swegways. Each signifies a different level of damage/ replaced parts. They are categorised as the following:

Grade A – Almost as good as new; next to no cosmetic damage, no replaced parts.

Grade B – Minor cosmetic damage to paint coating (may be scuffed/ scratched due to use), no replaced parts.

Grade C – Cosmetic damage to to paint coating, some internal parts replaced.

We hope that this article helps you to choose your perfect refurb Swegway! If not, you can check out our full priced Sweg range here.

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