Are Your Products Safe?

Here at the Swegway Shop, the safety of our products and customers is the most important aspect of what we do, which is why we ensure that all of our products go through rigorous health and safety testing during every stage of the manufacturing process. The boards are tested during the manufacturing of each component of the board: battery, wheels, motherboards etc. It is then tested again by our manufacturing factory upon completion of the boards to ensure that the boards are created to the highest standard. The board is then passed on to an external third-party testing company that we hire as an extra step to ensure everything is checked thoroughly so that all of our boards are excelling in compliancy with the safety documentation.

Can I come in store and buy a Swegway?

Yes, you are more than welcome to collect your swegway directly from our store. However, before coming to the store you must contact us and make us aware of this ahead of time as stock is held at a distribution centre and we must arrange for the stock to be brought over. Therefore, we request you to call beforehand so that we can prepare everything for your arrival. Collections are cash only and you will be asked to provide information regarding your name and address for us to be able to put the order on our system as receipts are sent digitally in efforts to be environmentally friendly and save paper!

How long will the battery last?

All of our Swegway Shop boards are fitted with a lithium-ion battery. You can expect the battery to last around 2-3 hours of continuous use and travel up to 20km on a single charge. The battery light will flash red when the battery is on 10%, you should dismount and charge when you see this.

Can I buy a Swegway in store?

You are more than welcome to come by our HQ in Sheffield to purchase products! However please be aware that our HQ is a warehouse facility and not a store, so you won’t be able to view all of the types that we have or test the boards (for health and safety reasons). If you wish to come and buy one of our products, please call the office before to ensure we have the type you want as not all of our stock is available at our HQ. We also only accept cash on collections.

Are Swegways illegal?

According to the Highways Act 1835, swegways, hoverboards, or whatever else you choose to call them are not legal for use on roads or on public footpaths. They are intended for recreational use and can be used on private land, in and around the home, in gardens, parks and fields. Swegway parks and indoor roller discos specially created for hoverboard users are also growing in popularity.

How do I return my Swegway Shop Board?

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, or have changed your mind, you’re entitled to return the item within 14 days from the day of delivery. Please call us on (+44) 0114 349 1571, or email us at help@swegway-shop.co.uk to explain the reason for return. We will then advise you on our preferred method of return – this will usually be a collection from our courier. Items should be returned to us in the same condition you received them in. For more detailed returns information please see our Delivery and Returns page.

Is the Swegway Shop Board suitable for children?

We strongly advise that anyone under the age of 8 is supervised by an adult when using the Swegway Shop Board.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only offer shipping to customers within the United Kingdom.

How long is the warranty on a Swegway?

All of our Swegways come with a 3 month Warranty unless disclosed otherwise. For further information, please see the Warranty page on the website.

Can i come and buy a swegway from the address given on the website?

All of our swegways are located at a different address than the one provided on our website, so if you come to buy a swegway at this address we will be unable to carry out your transaction. There is an easy way around this though; if you call us on (+44) 0114 349 1571 prior to coming to our Headquarters we will be able to acquire your swegway and have it ready for collection.