Charging your Swegway

When you first recieve your Swegway, we strongly recommend that you give the battery a completely full charge of at least 6 hours before riding it. This is because your board may have been in our warehouse for a long period of time and needs that extra boost to give the battery a kickstart since it hasn’t been used since testing. Once you have given your swegway a full charge, it’ll be ready to go!

After the initial charge, our Swegways take between 2 and 3 hours to fully charge from a flat battery. When the Swegway’s battery power is low, red lights will flash in the centre of the board, or a distinctive noise will be made, which is the Swegway’s way of telling you the battery is very low.

A full charge lasts a few hours, but the actual battery life can vary depending on how vigorously the board is used and what conditions it is ridden in.