About our Repair Centre

Here at Swegway Shop, we know accidents do happen, and that’s why our Specialist Swegway Repair Technicians are here to help, using their wealth of experience in dealing with a wide range of issues, from bluetooth and other internal problems, punctured or wobbly wheels, and damage to swegway outer shells.

If you’re having one of the above problems, or if your board is just looking a bit sorry for itself and could do with an MOT, Swegway Shop offer a huge range of options to get your swegway repaired in our Sheffield based Repair Centre.

We can carry out a wide variety of swegway board repairs on broken parts, or fit new ones where required. Swegway Shop is proud to be one of the only hoverboard retailers in the U.K. to offer this type of service and expertise! When you send your board to us for repair, the first thing we will do is assess it. We can then either:

A) Complete the Swegway repair form and send straight back to you on next day courier service.

B) Provide you with a quote and complete the repair, subject to parts availability.

We want to get you back having fun on your swegway as soon as possible, and that’s why we’re prepared to deal with any issues that might arise! We have almost all swegway parts in stock ready for a quick fix, but if we haven’t got what you need, then we can order from a huge range directly from the factory where our swegways are made. Once we have the parts, our expert swegway technicians are on hand to complete your repair in no time!

We are happy to provide quotations for board repairs that are not from our store however we cannot guarantee that they can be repaired.

If you would like to book in your Swegway for a repair, please click HERE!